MP Fire & Water Restoration is a division of Nu look Group Inc. We have been doing complete remodeling for over 25 years and we are a family owned and operated company. We have done more and more fire and water Restoration projects over the years and decided it was time to start a division that focuses on Restoration when a fire or flood occurs in your home.
After helping family’s get back into their home after a disaster like a fire or flood it’s rewarding to know that I have helped change their home to a more updated and more modern home. I enjoy seeing their reactions when they are looking at the finish product. On every fire project after it’s all said and done your house will be better then before the fire and have many new updated things. When it comes to flooding and water back up this is something so many go threw that can be such a mess. We will come in and pump out your basement and set up our dehumidifiers & dryers to dry out your basement in no time. In most cases you are able to just bill your insurance company. We also can demo any wet materials and help remove any other personal items that may have been affected by the flood.
We do every phase of remodeling and we know what to do to get things back and replaced like new in no time. 
Thank you for visiting MP Fire and Water Restoration,
Bruce Pugsley

A Division of Nu-look Group